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What if we apply mathematics and AI advancements to rehabilitation, health and fitness? The result is Movement AZ - an innovative solution to modern health issues.
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1/3 of office workers suffer from spine problems
42% of the global population suffer from obesity and diabetes.
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70% cardiovascular issues
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AI will create a personal and most importantly, a safe training program based on your goals, wishes, and health condition. Over 500 exercises for any condition.
Monitor your progress with our comprehensive health tools.
Earn points, receive rewards, compete with friends and the community.
Over 200 nutrition plans and 300 recipes.
More than 60 years of research in the fields of rehabilitation, medicine, and sports. Over 400 exercises for different types of pain.
Track Every Step: Our pedometer makes every move count towards your health journey.
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Corporate healthcare
For every 750 staff members, there are 566 missed workdays per year due to pain and health conditions. Movement Az provides daily AI-powered programs of rehab videos, ergonomic insights, and educational content, tailored to each individual. Everything you need to proactively reduce pain in your team.
We're digitizing the gym
The personal assistant Movement Az will create a personalized workout, nutrition, and rehabilitation plan for your clients, tailored to your equipment and environment. Cut costs, expand services, and increase profits!
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